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étiquette insecticide tempo canada

Tempo Ultra WP Product Label - Backed By - étiquette insecticide tempo canada ,or weeds. Do not apply Tempo ® Ultra WP Insecticide or allow it to drift onto crops or weeds on which bees are actively foraging. Additional information may be obtained by consulting your Cooperative Extension Service. Tempo Ultra WP 420 gram 03408586H 190701AV1 ETL 082519.qxp_Tempo Ultra WP 420 gram 03408SILENCER® 120 EC - ADAMA CanadaApply 17 mL/acre to 51 mL/acre, depending on the crop and pest. Use 40 to 80 L/acre water volume by ground, 4–16 L/ac by air. See label for specific rates, application timing and complete lists of crops Silencer can be used on and the insect problems that it controls.

INSECTICIDE CLUTCH™ 50 WDG - agrireseau.net

LIRE L'ÉTIQUETTE AVANT L’UTILISATION NUMÉRO D’HOMOLOGATION : 29382 LOI SUR LES PRODUITS ANTIPARASITAIRES Contenu net : 50g – 25kg Valent Canada, Inc. 107 Woodlawn Rd West, Suite 502-B Guelph, ON, N1H 1B4 www.valent.ca 1-800-682-5368 GROUPE 4 A INSECTICIDE

BioSafe Canada - BioSafe Systems

BioCeres G WP is an insect-pathogenic bio-insecticide using the new Beauveria bassiana fungus. Approved for greenhouses and is perfectly suited in IPM programs, in a tank mix with other pesticides as well as specific, stand-alone use.

Pesticide Label Search - Canada.ca

The online Label Search is a flexible tool that is used to gather pesticide product information by searching the available Product Information Elements, or the full textual content of the entire label collection from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) Registered Products Database.

FICHES SIGNALETIQUES - Direct Line Sales and Supplies

Ontario. 3325 North Service Rd. Unit 104 Burlington, ON L7N 3G2 (800) 760-1835. Quebec. 655 Jean-Paul Vincent Unit GHB Longueuil, QC J4G 1R3 (514) 316-2428



Decis Horticulture | Insecticides | CropScience Canada

Decis ® is the most powerful synthetic pyrethroid insecticide available. It works quickly on a broad range of insects in a large number of horticultural crops. Decis is affordable and effective at very low rates per acre. Product Summary

Acelepryn - Syngenta

GROUP 28 INSECTICIDE ... Syngenta Canada Inc. 140 Research Lane, Research Park Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Z3 Telephone: 1-877-964-3682 Label . Approved Acelepryn 28980 2020-06-15 Page 2 of 15 NOTICE TO USER This pest control product is to be used …

Entrust Insecticide | Corteva Agriscience

Entrust™ insecticide provides the performance organic growers have come to trust. Entrust is active on several important insects, with a unique mode of action that is low impact to beneficial insects making it a perfect fit in integrated pest management programs when used according to the product label.

Tempo 20 WP - Environmental Science Canada

Tempo ® 20 WP is a broad spectrum, fast acting insecticide applied as a general surface spray to control flying and crawling insects in livestock structures, including flies and lesser mealworms (darkling beetles) in poultry houses. As part of ’s darkling beetle control product lineup, this Group 3 insecticide can be rotated with Credo ® (Group 4) as part of an Integrated Pest ...

AgSolutions.ca West - Welcome

We offer a variety of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed treatment technologies that provide the highest level of crop protection. Learn more; News Room. The BASF news room is the place to access and read the latest news, information and events from BASF Canada. ... Welcome to BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions. At BASF, constant ...

GrubGONE! - Green Earth Ag and Turf

grubGONE! ® is the first Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) bio-insecticide to control turf grubs at a level of efficacy equivalent to chemical standards but without the side effects or off-target damage to beneficial insects, such as pollinators. With grubGONE!, entire landscapes can be economically, effectively and safely protected from destructive beetle pests such as Japanese, Asiatic ...

TEMPO 20WP - PestWeb

Tempo 20WP, is an advanced-generation pyrethroid insecticide proven to be highly effective against a broad range of insect pests. Tempo 20WP is an excellent choice for interior treatments because of its rapid knockdown, long residual and broad spectrum activity. Tempo 20WP can also be used in food-handling establishments.

Labels & SDS | Syngenta Canada

Quick access to label and Safety Data Sheets for Syngenta Canada products.

's Products from A to Z

Sep 21, 2020·The best-in-class insecticide for combating biting and sucking insect pests in more than 150 crops including vegetables, fruit, soybeans, cotton, potatoes and rice. Crop Protection : Insecticides : To product page. Corvus™ Belongs to the Adengo™ brand family and is a residual and foliar herbicide that combats annual grasses and broad leaved ...

Products | FMC Ag CA

Fall is the BEST time to control most perennials, biennials and winter annuals. Learn about our fall herbicides for post-harvest and burnoff to help get a head start on spring weed control.

DUPONT™ CORAGEN™ insecticide

DUPONT™ CORAGEN™ insecticide is a liquid formulation that can be applied as a foliar spray, using ground application or aerial application (potatoes, legume vegetables, corn, oilseeds and cereals only) to control many important insect pests. DUPONT™ CORAGEN™ insecticide …

Movento | Insecticides | CropScience Canada

Movento ® insecticide is the most effective solution for your potato, apple, grape and a number of vegetable crops. Spray before threshold is reached and its two-way systemic action and strong residual control will ensure aphids stay out, all season long.

Pesticide Label Search - Health Canada

canada.gc.ca. Home > Consumer Product Safety > Pesticides & Pest Management > Registrants & Applicants > Tools > Search Product Label. Consumer Product Safety. Print | Need Larger Text? Search Product Label. This label transcript service is offered by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to provide efficient searching for label information ...

Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide Review | INSECT COP

Oct 21, 2020·Tempo SC Ultra insecticide is the perfect product to help you rid of more than 100 different insect species. From mosquitoes to bed bugs to ants, this insecticide concentrate will be powerful enough to kill any insect on contact and keep them away from the sprayed area for a while. T.

Tempo 20 WP - Environmental Science Canada

Tempo ® 20 WP is a broad spectrum, fast acting insecticide applied as a general surface spray to control flying and crawling insects in livestock structures, including flies and lesser mealworms (darkling beetles) in poultry houses. As part of ’s darkling beetle control product lineup, this Group 3 insecticide can be rotated with Credo ® (Group 4) as part of an Integrated Pest ...

Tempo 20 WP Insecticide - Animal Science Products

TEMPO 20 WP Insecticide contains 20% active ingredient, which will provide effective knockdown and residual control of the pests listed in this label. TEMPO 20 WP is intended for use as a general surface, spot, or crack and crevice application in and around buildings

Pest Control - Lawn & Garden Care | The Home Depot Canada

Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Trap . The Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Trap is an all-metal, live cage trap designed by professional trappers. It features a spring-loaded door for safe, secure catches.

Sivanto | Insecticides | CropScience Canada

Sivanto ™ Prime insecticide precisely targets key damaging pests like aphids, leafhoppers, blueberry maggot, scale and psyllids while at the same time having a favourable safety profile for many beneficial insects. Plus it works quickly, which helps preserve the overall health of your crops, stops the spread of diseases and most importantly, protects your investment.

Professional Pest Control Products & Info from Veseris

ES OPCO CANADA II LTD provides this information "as is" and makes no representation or warranty, express, or implied, concerning the accuracy or sufficiency of the information and disclaims all implied warranties. ES OPCO CANADA II LTD is not liable for any damages resulting from the use or non-use of the information and each ES OPCO CANADA II ...